26 November, new showresults

12 November now the litters have their own side under litters 2001...

11 November, showresult from WW

10 October, V-litter 12 weeks

3 October new photos of V-litter 11 weeks

1 October showresults fron Dalälvskattens show 28 september

28 September Visir is now also booked

26 September, decided that Ulva will stay in cattery, new photos of V-litter     10 weeks

23 September U-litter 13 weeks, photos at kittenside

19 September, V-litter 9 weeks, new photos

17 september, U-litter 12 weeks, photos

12 September, V-litter 8 weeks

8 September U-litter 11 weeks, Titan is now in his new home, Marie Barnes

New photos of my garden

5 September V-litter 7 weeks

1 September T-litter 12 weeks and U-litter 10 weeks

29 August, the T-litter is now 6 weeks

25 August photos T-litter 11 weeks and U-litter 9 weeks

22 August, V-litter 5 weeks, new photos

18 August, new photos of T-litter 10 weeks and U-litter 8 weeks

15 August, new photos of V-litter, 4 weeks

11 August, new photos of T-litter 9 weeks and U-litter, 7 weeks

8 August new photos of V-litter, 3 weeks

4 August new photos of T-litter 8 weeks and U-litter 6 weeks

1 August, new photos of V-litter 2 weeks

29 July photos of T-litter 7 weeks and U-litter 5 weeks, some of the kittens are now booked and sadly enough one of the kittens from V-litter has passed away

26 July photos of V-litter, 1 week

25 July first photos of V-litter

24 July, new photos of T & U litter

12 July, Little Titan is now sold

9 July some new phtos from my garden

 8 July new photos of T-litter 4 weeks

 2 July new photos of T-litter and U-litter, new showresults

25 June new photos of T-litter and first photos of U-litter

17 June, We have kittens check out the kittenside. New showresults                    16 May new photo of Billy and new showresults                                           4 Mars 2013 New showresults

4 Feb 2013 New showresults

21 Jan 2013 Billy and Samba finally got their own pages.

13 August Moved Titio to the Memory-side

7 July updated kittenside,index and showresults
23 May updated expecting kittens and showresults
21 January, update plans for 2012, Zamora is now in memory-side, Bellis is now a happy neuter and have got the IP-titel
19 October, updated In memoriam page. Also moved the kittens to the litter page. Russin got her own page to.

30 June, photos of R-litter, 12 weeks

18 June, photos of R-litter, 10 weeks

13 June, litte Rambler is now booked

10 June, photos of R-litter 9 weeks

27 May, photos of R-litter 7 weeks

20 May, photos of R-litter 6 weeks

13 May, photos of R-litter 5 weeks

06 May, photos of R-litter 4 weeks

29 April, photos of R-litter 3 weeks

24 April, today is a very sad day as little Rambler had to go to heaven

22 April Photos of  R-litter 2 weeks old!

15 April Photos of  R-litter 2 days old! Pistasch is now a neuter.

10 February New plans!

9 February new Photos of  Mistrals kitten 12 weeks old and Showresults from Örebro

12 January Photos of  Mistrals kitten 8 weeks old

16 December Photos of  Mistrals kitten 4 weeks old

13 December Photos of  Mistrals kitten 3 weeks old and plans

27 November Photos of  Mistrals kitten 1,5 week old.

22 November Photos of  Mistrals kitten and new photos of Pistage.

24 Oktober Expecting kittens and showresults

27 September New showresults

22 September New showresults

13 September New plans

10 July New showresults

6 June New showresults

21 May New showresults

10 May moved all the kittens to litters. Updated my male and females.
Vanilla and Lambretta is tested GSD IV-free.

6 Mars new photos of Vanillas kittens

1 Mars new photos of Lambretta and Vanillas kittens

31 January new photos of Lambretta and Vanillas kittens

16 January new photos of Lambretta and Vanillas kittens

9 January new photos of Lambretta and Vanillas kittens

7 January finally Vanillas kittens have their names

28 December new photos of Vanillas kittens 2 weeks old

28 December new photos of Lambrettas kittens 9 weeks old

21 December Obelisk is now booked

21 December new photo of Betsy 17 years old

21 December new photos of Spartacus

16 December photos of Lambrettas kittens 7.5 weeks old

15 December photos of Vanillas kittens 3 days old

7 December New photo of Lambretta

7 December New photo of Jatzy 14 years old

7 December New photos of the kittens

29 November New photos of the kittens

23 November New photos of the kittens

12 November New photos of the kittens

4 November New photos of the kittens

1 November New  kittens born 22 of October and new showresults. Kittens expected.

10 October Photos of Fear Factor and Bellis kitten and new showresults. New plans and kitten expected.

3 September Photos of Fear Factor and Bellis kitten and new showresults. New photos on index. Miró is now a neuter.

11 August Photos of Fear Factor and Bellis kitten

27 July Photos of Fear Factor and Bellis kitten

15 July Photos of Fear Factor and Bellis kitten

3 July New Showresult!!!

19 May New Showresult!!!

11 May New Plans and new design on my webpage. New photos of Lambretta, Miró and Mistral

26 Jan New showresult from Nerk

13 Nov Show results from SK
13 Nov Pictures of Miro 17 weeks Mistral got her own page
15 Oct Pictures of the kittens 14 week
3 Oct Pictures of the kittens 12 week
19 Sept Pictures of the kittens 10 week
3 Sept Pictures of the kittens 8 week
20 Aug  Pictures of the kittens 6 week
06 Aug  Pictures of the kittens 4 week
24 July   Pictures of the kittens 2 week
17 July   Vanilla and Besame babies are here ;-))
12 June   Vanilla and Besame expect kittens week 27 :-D
15 May   New show results